More than 400 years ago, by the year 1585, in the place where it is now located this hotel, granted by royal mandate and as thanks to Baltasar Salazar, a site for sale at the edge of the village of San Juan del Rio, with the purpose of providing accommodation to people who pass through there, whose old document stated the following:

“Don Pedro Moya Contreras, hereby, on behalf of His Majesty, grant to Baltasar de Salazar a site for sale at the limits of the town of San Juan del Rio next to that river on the other side of the left hand that goes to the town of Queretaro.

In a loft located near the scree, and which under my errand and my commission Baltasar Dorantes de Carranza, judge of records of the aforementioned town of San Juan, went to see and live, which having made the checks and inquiries he was sent to, he said and gave clearance, without any prejudice to grant permissions, which will do without prejudice to the right of his Majesty and any other third party to within a year populate the aforementioned site and do and build on it house rooms, stables and unloading sites and other parts that are necessary for the accommodation of passengers that may come and go through there, and have bed linen and wood to sleep, and well supplied with provisions, which of the position of justice in accordance with the tariff that has given him and not otherwise.

Made in Mexico, September 25th, 1585, Pedro Moya Contreras, by mandate of his illustrious Juan de Cueva” ¹

Consuelo Martinez, being in charge of the property, decides to turn it into a hotel and with the support of their sons in 1994, starts the investment on the hull. In 2007 the culmination of the Project was achieved; what began as a dream is now a reality.

¹ Fragment from the book “Mercedes reales en Querétaro, Los Orígenes de la Propiedad Privada 1531-1599” by Juan Ricardo Jiménez Gómez.